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When you need stainless steel castings, you need a part or a product that can be relied on without question. In fact, in most cases you probably want a part or produce that you never have to think about again. With that in mind, one of our primary goals at Thompson Investment Casting is to produce the investment castings that you never have to second guess, stainless steel investment castings that make your life easier, and your products better.

Stainless Steel Casting Sizes, Tolerances, and Capabilities

Tolerance and Surface Finish
To deliver our signature level of quality and precision, we combine precision and our expertise with state of the art equipment that frequently achieves tolerances of +/-.005 per inch and surface finishes of 125 RMS or better.

With a variety of tools at our disposal, our size capability ranges from very small and intricate stainless castings weighing as little as a fraction of an once to equally detailed large stainless steel castings up to 25lbs, with a maximum size up to about 18 inches in length or width.

Wall Thicknesses
We understand that every application is unique, calling for stainless castings of every shape and size. Just as important as the size or weight of your casting is its wall thickness. With this need in mind, we've perfected the use of our modern vacuum assist process, enabling us to deliver wall thicknesses as thin as .020.

We frequently cast a wide variety of stainless steel alloys, including:

Chromium Nickel Stainless Heat Treatable Chromium Stainless Steel PPT Hardening Stainless Heat and Corrosion Resistant Stainless
302 410 17-4 CK-3MCUM (Avesta 254)
303-CF16-CF16F 416 15-5 2205
304-CF8 420   347
304L-CF3 430    
310 430F    
316-CR7-CF8m 440A    
316L-CF3m 440C    

Your Full Service Stainless Steel Casting Provider

Whether you need parts and components provided as-cast or finished to print including machining, heat treatment, finishing, testing, and certifications we can help.

Extensive Secondary Operations: secondary operations performed at Thompson Investment Casting include machining, heat-treating, passivation, plating, black oxidizing, and painting.

Cost efficiency: due in part to the flexibility of stainless casting and the close tolerances possible, investment casting stands alone as a manufacturing process that will require little additional machining, getting you what you need faster and with less work.

Design flexibility: stainless steel investment casting provides the parts you need. No more, no less. Parts can be designed with all the cavities, passageways, contours, and holes you need without any secondary machining. This ultimately contributes to more cost efficiency for you.

Better surface finishes: with the capability to provide surface finishes of 125 RMS and better, you get a more uniform part.

Unbeatable part consistency: due to the nature of stainless steel investment casting combined with our careful mold design and quality control, every part is identical and highly repeatable.

Economical production runs: many times, a complete stainless steel casting can eliminate the need for expensive fabricating and welding, resulting in drastic cost reductions when compared to other methods you might consider to get the parts you need. Whether you need just a couple hundred castings or thousands of them, we have the skill and the technology that deliver the precision and cost efficiency you require.

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