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We are frequently asked some version of the following: "Can you deliver close tolerances, fine details, and intricate shapes?" In every case, the answer is a resounding "Yes". Whether you're concerned with very close tolerances, intricate or odd shapes, fine details, or a combination of it all we're happy to help, and we're confident we can deliver.

When asked if we're capable of a high level of quality and precision, we don't simply say "Yes" because we possess the equipment and technology to make it possible, but because we have the experience and determination to take even the most challenging metal casting projects from concept to completion, all under one roof.

In the end, our goal is to deliver precisely the metal castings you need, with a level of quality and reliability you can count on. As part of that, we combine our experience with the capability to provide metal castings in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, including:

  • Steel
  • Carbon and low alloy steel
  • Tool steels
  • Copper
  • Copper based alloys
  • Aluminum based alloys
  • And many more...

Why Metal Investment Castings are a Right Solution for Your Application:

Regardless of your industry, chances are you can't afford sub-par parts or components that don't deliver the performance you need. When it comes to getting the proper parts and components for your application, you have options. Chances are the precision, quality and cost efficiency of metal investment casting make it your best option.

  • Low Tooling Costs: metal castings produced with investment casting require less secondary machining than other processes, reducing costs overall.
  • Near net shapes: metal castings created by investment casting result in a near net shape, virtually eliminating the need for surface finishing, machining, or grinding. For many of our customers, this has come to mean a serious reduction in production costs.
  • Close tolerances: Tolerances of +/- .005 are typically possible with our proprietary form of investment casting. Due to this metal casting technique, the need for secondary operations is significantly reduced (if not eliminated)
  • Smooth surfaces: because of the smooth surface of the wax pattern used in investment casting as well as the fine material used to create the metal casting mold, our investment castings have a surface finish of 125 RMS or better.
  • Your choice of alloys: to this day, we build our business around our customers. With that in mind, we're capable of providing metal castings in many alloys to better suit your industry and your specific requirements.

The Best Metal Castings for Your Industry

With faster lead times, modern equipment, and our experienced team, we're positive that when you need a metal castings company Thompson Investment Casting can rise to the challenge. Whether you need metal casting services for a short run of relatively simple parts or metal casting for a large run of intricate parts for the aerospace industry we can help.

Material Specific Applications and Industries we've worked with in the past include:
  • Medical 400 series stainless, 17-4ph
  • Valve 300 series stainless or Carbon Steel, along with non-ferrous brass alloys, depends on the application
  • Marine 300 series stainless, 400 series stainless, or 17-4 ph
  • Food processing 300 series stainless
  • Fire arms carbon and 400 series stainless steels
  • Electronics pure copper (ofhc copper)

Better Service, Better Metal Castings

As a metal castings company that's served a variety of high-performance industries for many years, we've learned quite a bit. Before moving forward with any metal investment casting project, our first goal is to develop a full understanding of your needs. Next, we'll move on to the investment casting process where we will cast samples, present them to you, make any necessary adjustments, and move on to the final production run. In the end, you're left with the quality castings you need, the short lead times that make a difference, and cost efficiency that helps you stay under budget.

From tool design to quality control, we're here for you throughout every step of the metal casting process to answer questions, address concerns, and make everything as simple as possible.

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