5 Reasons To Choose Our Investment Castings
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5 Reasons to Choose Thompson Investment Casting

  1. Engineering support
    • Our engineering is always available to assist you :
      • With the design of your casting to assure that the required features are included and to optimize your design's castability.
      • In determining the correct alloy
      • In the selection of what features and intricate detail (can and should) be included in your investment casting for optimal results.
      • In securing the required secondary operations, including
        1. Machining
        2. Heat treatment
        3. Testing
        4. Metal finishing
          • Polishing
          • Plating
          • Coating
        5. Assembly
  2. Quality & Service
    • Our quality & service WILL meet or exceed the requirements of our customers
    • Our proprietary processing allows Thompson Investment Casting to:
      • Cast very fine details such as:
        1. Lettering
        2. Serrations
        3. Knurling
        4. Wall thickness as thin as .020
      • Our consistent quality & casting repeatability is achieved by controlling key process characteristics
      • Our SolidWorks platform is constantly upgraded to the most current version and will accept all compatible data file formats & their file extensions
  3. On Time Deliveries
    • At Thompson Investment Casting, we have a virtually 100% on time delivery record.
    • With Thompson Investment Casting's just-in-time pull system, you can schedule your deliveries and be re-assured that your castings will arrive when they required
  4. Rapid Prototyping
    • To help insure the success of your project, Thompson Investment Casting offers rapid prototyping with rapid prototyping services and rapid delivery.
  5. Made in the USA
    • Your Investment Casting will be made right in our facility here in Rochester, NH, USA using materials and alloys produced in the USA.

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Thompson Investment Casting can supply your company's investment castings
in the as-cast condition or finish to the print in the many different grades of steel.