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Investment Casting Process

The Thompson Investment Casting facility consists of state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced staff of skilled craftspeople and experts in the casting field. To help you understand if the investment casting process is the best choice for your needs, please review the step by step process below and call our engineers with any questions at 603.330.8670.

Tool Design and Manufacture

beginning of the casting process
A wax injection mold is designed and built to produce castings per customer specifications.

Wax Production

Wax Production
A wax pattern of recyclable
material is produced from the
wax injection mold.

High Volume Production

High Volume Casting Production
Multi-cavity tools are used to expedite wax production.

Pattern Assembly

pattern Assembly
Thompson Investment Casting's unique method of gating and treeing systems assures sound castings at a minimum cost.

Shell Molding

Shell Mold
The pattern assembly is systematically dipped into a ceramic slurry, coated with a refractory material and dried. The process is repeated until the desired thickness and strength is achieved.

Ceramic Shell Drying

Shell Dry
Between coatings, the ceramic shells are dried
in an atmospherically-controlled environment.


Using regulated steam pressure, an autoclave melts and reclaims the wax from the ceramic shells.

Shell Curing

Shell curing
High temperature ovens cure and preheat the ceramic shells prior to pouring the molten metal.


Pre-heated molds are poured utilizing
a unique process which facilitates the production of thin walls and intricate detail while enhancing the surface.

Knock Out

The ceramic shell is removed and the cluster is cleaned

Cut Off

Castings are cut free
from the gating system.

Machining and Inspection

Investment Casting Inspection
After cut off and gate removal, all secondary finishing operations are performed. Each casting is inspected according to customer specifications and requirements.

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