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Thompson Investment Casting, first began manufacturing high quality investment castings in 1946.

Since those early days, investment casting has gained rapid acceptance because of its substantial cost savings over alternative manufacturing methods. Parts can be produced to net or near net shape with improved physical properties. The result is that investment casting has assumed broad applications, particularly in today's high tech, medical, commercial, sporting and industrial fields.

At Thompson Investment Casting, we combine the latest technology with years of experience in pouring most steel alloys, pure copper, copper-base alloys and some aluminum. We produce extremely complex shapes as well as castings with fine detail, smooth surface finishes and cross sections as thin as .020 of an inch. Our weight and size capabilities vary from more than one hundred pieces per ounce to castings weighing over 30 pounds.

Over the years, Thompson Investment Casting has developed a reputation for precision, quality and service. These traits have become the hallmark of our success and have enabled us to assume a leadership role in the casting business.

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Thompson Investment Casting can supply your company's investment castings
in the as-cast condition or finish to the print in the many different grades of steel.